Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Litwo, ojczyzno moja po angielsku

Okazuje się, że czasami na rozmowach kwalifikacyjnych, celem sprawdzenia naszych zdolności językowych, proszą nas o przetłumaczenie inwokacji na angielski

Oh, Lithuania, mu country, Thou ar't like good health
I never knew till now how precious, till I lost Thee.
Now I see Thy beauty whole, because I yearn for Thee
Oh Holy Maid, who Czestochowa's shrine does't guard
And in the Pointed Gateway shine, and watches't Nowogrodek's pinnacle
As Thou dids't heal me by a miracle (for when my wheeping Mother sought Thy
power I raised my dying eyes, and in that hour my strength returned, and to Thy
shrine I trod, for life restored to offer thanks to God), so, by a miracle
Thou'll bring us home.
Meanwhile bear-off my yearning soul to roam those little wooded hills,
those fields beside the azure Niemen, spreading green and white,
where amber trefoil, buck-wheat white as snow, and clover with her maiden
brushes grow
And all is girdled with a grassy band of green,
Whereon the silent pear-trees stand.

tłumaczenie by ZL @ forum praca

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