Friday, December 10, 2010

You may be Polish if

No i wyszło szydło z worka. Spełniam większość, a Ty ?

You may be Polish if……
1. You or someone in your family owns a Nissan with a PL sticker proudly displayed on the back windshield and/or a custom-made European license plate in the front (most likely with your name written on it)
2. You have relatives who aren’t really your relatives
3. You sing the same song - “100 lat” - on every occasion (weddings, birthdays, baby showers)
4. You watch soccer
5. You know very well Pope John Paul II was Polish and his name was Karol, not Carol
6. You go to Midnight Mass every Christmas Eve and keep your Christmas tree up till February
7. You drink your wodka straight
8. You listen to techno
9. You don’t feel the need to add an “s” to “pierogi” because you know the word is already plural and it annoys you when others do. However, you still add “y” to already plural english words… “chipsy”, “dzinsy”
10. You are convinced your pets only understand Polish
11. You are forced to listen to Disco Polo by your parents
12. You can spot Polish people like Asians can spot each other
13. When others find out you’re Polish, they tell you about every Polish person they’ve ever known, which is most likely followed by them mispronouncing common phrases such as “czesc” or “dziekuje”
14. Your name always gets slaughtered on the first day of school
15. The thought of eating cow stomach (flaki) doesn’t gross you out
16. When you’re at a stranger’s house, you expect their trashcan to be under the sink
17. Every window in your house must have “firanki”, even in the bathroom
18. Once in a while, you do a big “przemeblowanie” at home
19. You always take off your shoes as soon as you step into someone else’s house (even if the owner of the house insists you don’t have to)
20. You celebrate your birthday AND your nameday (imieniny)
21. You were extremely surprised to learn that American weddings last hours, not days
22. When you hurt yourself, you don’t say “Ouch”, you say, “Awwa”
23. you ever played “na trzepaku” or “w gume”


1 comment:

radxcell said...

1. Na szczęście rodzina trzyma się z daleka od Nissanów.
2. Nie mam.
4. Nie oglądam w ogóle.
6. ...ekhm?
8. W żadnym wypadku.
9. No way.
10. Nie.
11. Nie.
12. Średnio.
15. Ależ grosses me out.
17. Nie.
18. Nie.
19. Nie.
21... Hmmm, nie interesowalem się...
Chyba nie jestem Polakiem :)