Thursday, November 4, 2010

To w USA już TAKI kryzys ?

I had a very interesting conversation over lunch last week. Standing in line at a local fast food restaurant with a client who works in law enforcement, I placed my order and opened my wallet to find two one dollar bills, a fifty dollar bill, and my debit card. I groaned. “Is it easier for you if I pay with a fifty or my debit card?” I asked the pimply faced teen behind the counter. “The debit card,” he replied. “Definitely the debit card. If you pay with a fifty, I have to take your fingerprint.” My fingerprint, really?

The clerk went on to explain that with the unemployment rate in the area sky high and the continuation of the crappy economy, the store had experienced a rash of people trying to pass counterfeit bills. It had become such an epidemic that the new policy was to collect a fingerprint and log the serial numbers of every bill larger than a twenty that graced the cash drawer.


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